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Welcome to easy-wire™, Harness building made easy.

Our easy-wire System makes testing wire harnesses easy.  It also makes building harness boards easy. These pages introduce you to the easy-wire System.  For application assistance or for an easy-wire quote call us toll free:    800-441-9910.

If you're new to the easy-wire System read the information on this page. You may also find these additional pages useful:


The easy-wire Harness Board Test System has three distinct elements;
  • Harness Board Components; (Hardware on the board)
  • easy-wire Software; (Windows based Software which controls all the test processes)
  • easy-wire Tester; (The tester hardware which does the measuring and point switching)
Harness Board Tester
The CR, System Components, and Software.

The easy-wire System Components make building a harness board easy, even when the board is wired for testing. With the components you can build:

  • Low Cost Boards
  • Easy to Maintain boards
  • Boards back-wired for testing on the board
  • Build the harness "on the board" or "above the board"
  • Grid Tiles that allow fast setup and re-use of components
See  Tour the easy-wire System Components for more information.
Above Board Harness Test Example
Some of the "above board" components.
The easy-wire Software was designed to make harness assembly easy. Here are some of the features of this Windows®-based software:
  • A simple user interface makes the software easy to learn.
  • Tests wires, resistors, capacitors, and diodes.
  • Allows you to label points, connectors, and nets.
  • Gives you visual and audible feedback including LEDs for guided assembly, customizable sounds, and graphical connectors.
  • Security controls access to all areas of the software.
  • Multiple test stations can share a single network database.
  • SPC data collection (exports to our SPC Link software).
  • Choose from several test modes including: single test, continuous test, sequential build test, random build test, and single pass build test.
  • Create test programs by learning a known good device, by importing test data, or by hand entering test instructions.
  • Create and modify test programs off-line without a tester attached to the system.
easy-wire Harness Test System
The easy-wire Main Menu.

The first tester in the easy-wire System is the easy-wire CR. This tester can check opens, shorts, and mis-wires as well as test resistors, capacitors, and diodes. The CR was specifically designed to light LED's in your fixturing to assist you in building a harness. The CR is fast, easy to use, and low cost.

easy-wire CR Cable and Harness Test System
The easy-wire CR shown with one
Base Unit and three Add-On boxes
(1024 points total).

If you need to test with high voltage the easy-wire CH2 is a great choice. The CH2 can check opens, shorts, mis-wires, resistors, capacitors, diodes, and twisted-pair wiring. The CH2 can also be expaned to test higher voltages, higher currents, and complex assemblies that require excitation voltages and currents to be applied. If you have an advanced test need call 800-441-9910 and ask about the CH2.

CH2 Rack
The easy-wire CH2 shown in a rack with four boxes (3200 test points).

Cirris Systems- Our Products- easy-wire System.
Toll-free 1-800-441-9910.
easy-wire CR and easy-wire System Components are Patent pending.