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            Obsolete Product                 This product is no longer in production.

Signature Touch 1 Hipot Test System

Signature Touch 1
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Signature Touch 1

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(4.1 Mb, Audio and Video, 100 second run time, requires Flash plug-in)

Select from 3 Versions: 1000VDC, 1500VDC and 2000VDC

  • Test Points: 128 - 1024; (2000VDC: 128 - 512)
  • Test Voltage: 0-5VDC max
  • Test Current: 6mA max
  • Hipot: DC    50-1000VDC,    50-1500VDC,   50-2000VDC.
  • Hipot: AC (optional) 50 - 1000VAC
  • Connection Resistance Range: .1-100K ohm
  • Component Resistance Range: .1-1M ohm
  • HV Insulation Resistance Range: 5M-1000M ohm
  • 4-Wire Resistance Test: Yes
  • Components: Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors, Twisted Pairs, Custom
  • Wirelist Memory Capability: Unlimited
  • Point Labeling: Standard Adapter Labeling or Custom 30 Characters
  • Adapters: All

An incredibly powerful cable tester that features a built-in Pentium-class PC and touch-screen display.
Available Options: SPC Data Collection, and Custom Scripting Language: (Scripting, offers test solutions for a wide variety of applications.)

How Do I Connect My Touch 1 to a Network?
Networking Made Easy

Application Notes:
Understanding and Testing SCSI Terminators.
Four-Wire Testing with the Touch 1
Collect and Graph test data with SPC M E.
Scripting Language for the Touch1
Use a free script to measure the length of wire remaining on a spool.
Download sample scripts from our FTP site!

High Voltage Testing Information:
Understanding High Voltage Testing.
List of current firmware, manuals & software for Cirris testers.

Touch 1 Manual     |     Touch 1 Specs.    |     Brochure (PDF)    |     Signature Adapters    |     Software Options    |     Accessories    |     Printer

Embedded Linux; you don't even know it's there.

Versions 3.2 and higher now have the networking power of Linux.

Embedded Lua; Scripting control for your Touch 1Scripting powered by Lua.

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