• Craig Taylor

    Craig Taylor

    President & CEO
  • Erin Petersen

    Erin Petersen

    Director of Finance and Administration
  • Darin Yeager

    Darin Yeager

    Director of Sales
  • Val Griffith

    Val Griffith

    Director of Operations
  • Scott Meredith

    Scott Meredith

    Director of Engineering
  • Todd Christensen

    Todd Christensen

    Director of Marketing & Product Management


  • John Ahlstrom

    John Ahlstrom

    European Sales Manager
  • Eric Byers

    Eric Byers

    South Central Regional Sales Manager
  • Bill Downton

    Bill Downton

    Custom Sales Specialist
  • Rich Duggan

    Rich Duggan

    Midwest Region Sales Manager
  • Brixton Ellsworth

    Brixton Ellsworth

    Junior ASA
  • Joe Klekas

    Joe Klekas

    Western Region Sales Manager
  • Ray Mumma

    Ray Mumma

    Northeast Region Sales Manager
  • Debbie Stringham

    Debbie Stringham

    Sales Support Specialist
  • Rick Wahlquist

    Rick Wahlquist

    Southeast Region Sales Manager
  • Steve Phillips

    Steve Phillips

    Northwest Regional Sales Manager
  • Preston Young

    Preston Young

    Canada & Latin America Sales Manager

Technical Support

  • Scott Perschon II

    Scott Perschon II

    Customer Service Manager
  • Tony Lucero

    Tony Lucero

    Technical Support Hardware Specialist
  • Brent Cogsdil

    Brent Cogsdil

    Technical Service Specialist
  • Robert Stringham

    Robert Stringham

    Technical Support Specialist

Marketing & Product Management

  • Kevin Shelley

    Kevin Shelley

    Product Manager
  • Sarah Landeen

    Sarah Landeen

    Technical Writer
  • Matt Martin

    Matt Martin

    Graphic Designer