This year, Cirris celebrates 35 years of providing quality cable testers. As we look back over the decades, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and nostalgia. Here’s why:

  • 35. Marlin Shelley

    Back during the era of big hair and bigger dreams, Marlin Shelley built his first benchtop cable testing system. We wouldn’t be where we are today without his vision and determination.
  • 34. Signature 1000

    Marlin Shelley’s first cable tester, the Signature 1000, can still accurately test cables—once you take it out of the display cabinet.
  • 33. Benchtop High Voltage Testers

    The revolutionary benchtop testers made high voltage test accessible throughout the industry. Our benchtop line is still in high demand today.
  • 32. Easy-Wire™

    The most capable testing software on the market has brought a plethora of features and tools to the test process.
  • 31. Craig Taylor

    Craig Taylor has been leading Cirris for over a year now. We look forward to where he takes the company in the next 35 years.
  • 30. Trade Shows

    From the Electric Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee to Productronica in Germany, we love that trade shows give us the opportunity to visit customers all over the world.
  • 29. Competitors

    We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our competitors raising the bar in the wire-processing industry.
  • 28. April Fools

    Were you fooled by our x-ray glasses that check for errors in cables? How about the Cirris toaster? What will we come up with next April?
  • 27. Employee-owned

    Cirris is an ESOP company, meaning every employee at Cirris has a stake in ensuring our products are top-notch and our customers are happy.
  • 26. Fast Turn-Around

    Not many companies in the industry can have your order packaged and shipped within a couple of hours.
  • 25. Training

    We understand that not everyone knows the difference between a resistor and a diode. Or how to set up a test that has spliced wires. We’re here to help with training classes.
  • 24. Cirris Learning Center

    The Cirris Learning Center provides free knowledge to everyone who wants it—students, engineers, cable manufacturers, test technicians, etc. New content is added monthly.
  • 23. Certifications

    Cirris is certified with ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 rev. D, and several other industry standards.
  • 22. Manufactured in the USA

    All Cirris testers are built in-house at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • 21. Salt Lake City

    Surrounded by mountains and desert, Salt Lake City is a beautiful location for Cirris Headquarters.
  • 20. Cirris China

    Our offices in China can cater directly to the wire-harness industry in Asia.
  • 19. Seven Continents

    Cirris testers can be found on all seven continents including Antarctica!
  • 18. Manufacturing

    Skilled employees build and package testers, accessories, and other products, preparing orders to the customer’s specifications.
  • 17. Marketing

    Maintaining the Cirris brand, getting word out about news, and ensuring enough pens are handed out at trade shows keeps the marketing team busy.
  • 16. Administration

    No department deserves more trust than administration. The company would fall apart without their skills and organization.
  • 15. Engineering

    The enduring efforts of the Cirris engineering team has brought quality products and testers from our company to your test area.
  • 14. Tech Support

    When you run into problems, Tech Support has your answers. Don’t underestimate the solutions they can provide.
  • 13. Salespeople

    Your first human contact with Cirris will be with one of our helpful salespeople. They can answer your questions and direct you to the perfect product for your company.
  • 12. Management

    When it comes to the hard decisions, Cirris is lucky to have a management team capable of steering the company onto the right path.
  • 11. Work-Life Balance

    Ensuring employees aren’t overworked and spend adequate time outside the office is a top priority.
  • 10. Quality Workplace

    Bike rides during lunch, free breakfast every morning, and recognition for a job well done are just a few ways Cirris promotes quality in the workplace.
  • 9. Core Values

    Cirris employees are Dedicated, Loyal, Improving, Team Players, Enthusiastic, and Selfless. These are the core values that make Cirris great.
  • 8. Service

    Donating to United Way and other completing other acts of service are Cirris’s way of giving back.
  • 7. Family

    There is no way Cirris would have made it 35 years without our families standing by our sides.
  • 6. Tenured Employees

    The average tenure for Cirris employees is 14 years.
  • 5. Improved technology

    The advancing technology over the past three and a half decades means testers are used to ensure new electronic products are safe and reliable.
  • 4. Testers

    Since the original Signature 1000, Cirris has produced dozens of test systems, each evolving with new features and technology to meet demands.
  • 3. Distributors

    The experts who sell Cirris testers around the world are vital to helping Cirris grow over the years.
  • 2. Partners

    We couldn’t be more grateful to our partners in the industry. We have worked with some truly great companies.
  • 1. Our Customers

    The number one reason Cirris has lasted 35 years is our customers. We can’t do what we do without you.
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