• I have been using Cirris systems for harness and PCB testing for 7 years now and would not use any other system. Even the older CH+ system I was using before was a great machine. I am now using the CR system which uses the same software which is great because I am very familiar with it. I have had nothing but great experiences with Cirris customer service as they have assisted me with any problems I have experienced. I look forward to many years of use out of my new CR system!!!

    Preston Cook

  • Great products and customer service!

    Angela Doa

  • The Cirris system is a very intuitive and easy to use. The people at Cirris are very professional and a pleasure to work with.

    Mike Ryder - Quality manager

  • Excellent customer service and high quality products!

    Carlos Cuellar

  • Cirris was so quick to respond and provided all the information requested. Using this cable tester will save a lot of time and effort going forward than any way we used prior!

    Brandon Blott - Team Leader Production

  • Cirris is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and when items are needed they are in stock.

    Russell Hock - President

  • I have had nothing but great results with cirris they are quick to quote and push my orders through always making sure everything works.

    Ashley Lang - Purchasing

  • Great people, great products, great service.

    Jared Ochs - President

  • I am the middleman for this tester, but what I can see it is a terrific foundation for future cable testing needs.

    Brady Rogers

  • Great Customer Service to stand behind their excellent products!

    Lauren Lipko - Consultant

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