• Salesperson was very prompt, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    Eric Burton

  • Early to review, we are still creating our test system. As soon as our diagnostic system is in place and we have utilized your support and software more extensively, we can give you a more accurate review. I anticipate for us to be up and running in about a month.

    Greg Pidfigurny - Manager HD/Electronics

  • We use larger industrial connectors to test assembly LV systems and new from experience that the interface would be difficult. Cirris helped us find a solution to solve this issue so that we can easily mate and test. 

    Craig Wilson

  • Excellent product with excellent support, before and after the sale! Beautiful facility too! Thanks!

    Keith Kasperson - Test Engineer

  • Very helpful and professional service. When considering the 1100H+ model, Cirris was extremely helpful in sending a demo unit for us to use.

    Teo Wilkening - Engineer

  • The software is easy to use and versatile with the scripting package. Some of the easiest wire harness testers to setup that I have ever used.

    Peter SimpsonLead Test Technician

  • Worked as documented. Using multiple systems to test complex passive PCB assemblies.

    Phil Baron

  • Cirris is a great system. I am pleased with their product.

    Shelly ShanklinOwner

  • Very responsive company, a pleasure to deal with! Thanks.

    David Bloomfield

  • Great products, fast service and professional service.

    Benny Boggess - QA Mgr.

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