Touch 1

Updates 1000V, 1500V and 2000V systems. Serial Number 25000-T1 and up!

  • Update works only with the Linux Operating System.
  • If the Linux OS is installed on your tester, Disk 1 & 2 are sufficient to upgrade to the latest release. However, if your tester is running the DOS operating system (testers with software Vers. 3.191 or earlier) and wish to move up to this newest release, you will need to install Disks 4, 5 & 6 as well.
  • There is no disk 3
  • Unit Serial Number must be 25000-T1 or higher for Linux OS to install correctly.
  • The contents of the Touch 1 zip files are designed to fit on a High Density 3 1/2" diskette. (When you download multiple zip files to diskette, be sure to label your diskettes in sequence to keep track of which disks to load first).
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