High Voltage Tester xHVC Cirris Systems


High Voltage Cable Tester 

  • Higher Voltage
  • Higher Current 
  • Higher Versatility 

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Test with the latest, most innovative technology and software from Cirris to provide your clients with trusted cables and harnesses. 

The new Cirris CH2 xHVc is the latest tester from Cirris. This versatile system provides voltages up to 1500 AC and 2120 DC. Along with higher voltages, the CH2 xHVc’s improved current capability will test higher capacitance cables, even with AC test specifications. 

Even with its added ability, the CH2 xHVC maintains a similar footprint and test point density to the standard CH2. The base unit holds 800 test points, weighs 52 lbs (24 Kg), and the footprint is only 17.3” x 20.0” x 6.3” (44cm x 51cm x 16 cm). A Cirris supplied or customer safety system with palm switches or a light curtain is used with this tester to ensure operator safety. 

  • Hipot up to 1500 VAC and 2120 VDC 
  • Apply current up to 30 mA AC and 10 mA DC 
  • Scale from 160 to 100,000 test points 
  • Controlled by the powerful Easy-Wire™ Software 
  • Test complex assemblies with components 
  • Integrate external instruments for advanced measurements