The Risk of Testing with an Unsupported Tester
Single-Ended Testing
Digital I/O Part 4: Examples
Digital I/O Part 3: Edits Through easy-wire Software
Digital I/O Part 2: Implementation by Tester
Digital Input/Output Part 1: Basics
Cable Tester Demo Program
Light auxiliary LEDs with easy-wire
Cirris Tester Selection Guide
CH2 Custom Instruction
Guided First End Pinning
Custom Label Printing for the 1100 Series testers
Producing Labels with easy-wire and EasyTouch
Bad Cable or Bad Test Fixturing?
Guided Assembly with easy-wire™
Cirris Tester Comparison Chart
Script Creation - Developing Custom Test Applications
Second Side Pinning with Guided Assembly
Data Collection and Reporting Capabilities
Digital I/O
What is the Most Cost-effective Way to Back-wire a Harness Board?
4-Wire Testing Fixture Setup Information
Printing Labels with Cirris Testers
Introduction to Networking
Networking Cirris Testers
Networking easy-wire CR and CH2 Testers
Networking Multiple Easy Touch Testers
Networking Touch 1 & 1100 Testers
Easy Touch & 1100 with easy-wire Measured Values
Barcode Scanners and Cable Testing
Opticon Recommendation
Remember to Backup Your Test Files!
Bin Alarms, Another Strategy to Stop Shipment of Bad Cables
'Habit Capture Errors' and Bin Alarms
Choosing Which Standard Cirris Connector to use on Your Cable Tester
Using your CR fixturing on a CH2 system
Combining Touch 1 and 1100 Testers with Multiple Easy Touch Testers
Cable Test Program Verification
Null Relay - Touch 1 / 1100H+
Terminator Testing Primer
Creating and Editing Test Programs in External Applications
Networking Easy Touch Testers, easy-wire Testers, and Pin-Sight
Measured I.R. values on CH2
CH2 - Energization of Relays
Retrieving First-Pass-Yield Info
Testing Assemblies with Switches
Text to Speech
Switching from the Touch 1 to the Easy Touch