cirris adapter system

Adapters For Cable Testers

D-Sub Female Adapter
Female D-Sub Adapter

Often operations call for the ability to test a variety of cables that each have different connectors. The Cirris Adapter System allows you to quickly and easily change between different connector types. This provides better throughput on your production line as you can quickly change to your desired connector and start your next test.

Cirris adapters are compatible with all Cirris benchtop testers, including the Easy-Touch® Pro, 4250, 4200, and older benchtop units. At least one adapter is required to make bench-top testers functional. These adapters are designed for quick and easy interchangeability and determine the default test point labeling used by the tester.

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Proper Use & Maintenance

In addition to providing quick and easy changeover, adapters also act as the replaceable wear item on the testers. To extend the life of the adapters and their mating receptacles on the tester:

  • Align adapters with receptacles during installation. Adapters should be straight and square, never cocked, or wiggled side-to-side during installation or removal.
  • Always use slidelocks or cover plates to reduce the stress on adapter pins and on the tester’s receptacles during testing.
  • Visually inspect right-angle adapter pins before each use. Bent pins can damage the tester’s receptacles.
  • Carefully straighten bent pins using smooth, long-nosed pliers.
  • Never straighten pins using serrated pliers as this produces a saw-like profile that damages receptacles.
  • Store adapters in a way that protects the connector pins. Do not stack them haphazardly or keep them unseparated in a bin. Cirris ARAC-SS and ARAC-SD adapters trays provide an easy and safe storage alternative.
  • Replace damaged and worn adapters.
Easy-Touch Pro with HHED adapter
Easy-Touch Pro with single-high adapter

Adapter Sizes

Each Cirris benchtop tester and add-on scanner has 128 test points divided into four right-angle receptacle connectors. Each connector provides a maximum of 32 test points. Cirris manufactures adapters in three different sizes that plug into these receptacles.

Single-high adapters have one set of right-angle pins and plug into one receptacle on a tester or add-on scanner.

Double-high adapters have two sets of rightangle pins and plug into two vertically adjacent receptacles on a tester or add-on scanner.

Quad-high adapters have four sets of right-angle pins and plug into all four of the receptacles on a tester or add-on scanner. Quad-high adapters are not compatible with the 1000M, 2000, 5000A, or the original 1000H testers.