CR to CH2 Transition Interface


 NamePart NumberDescription
LVHV-AD Transition Board Adapter LVHV-AD The "converter" between the flat ribbon cable and the VME Style connectors which mate to the HV Transition board. 34-position, header connector input with 32 positions wired to VME mate for ETB-SHV Transition Board. Use with ACLV-HV “Y” Ribbon Cable to mate with easy-wire CR tester.
ACLV-HV Ribbon Cable ACLV-HV Quick and inexpensive cable interface for low voltage testing. 64-position, 0.1” IDC receptacle connector on one end to mate with easy-wire CR tester and two 34-position receptacle connectors on the opposite end to mate with two LVHV-AD Adapters.
ACR-CH2 Converter ACR-CH2 Converts 34-position header to the 96-position Eurodin connector used on CH2; 32 pins live. Use with ACLV-HV cable.

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