ABRF Adapters

Part Numbers
Standard Part #: With Replaceable Connector 1500V Enabled Testable Grounded Shell Signature Board Size
ABRF-14 RBRF-14 N/A ARFG-14 9C1FC0 Single
ABRF-24 RBRF-24 N/A ARFG-24 B4D1E0 Single
ABRF-36 RBRF-36 N/A ARFG-36 F8E7F0 Double
ABRF-50 RBRF-50 HBRF-50 ARFG-50 528D01 Double
ABRF-64 RBRF-64 N/A ARFG-64 910693 Double
Number of Positions 14, 24, 36, 50, 64
Adapter Gender Male
1500V Option 50 pos.only
Replaceable Option Yes
Testable Grounded Shell Yes

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