Cirris encourages customers to trade-in old test equipment for newer models with greater functionality. The test equipment being traded-in must have been purchased direct from Cirris or through an authorized reseller or distributor. (This trade-in policy excludes testers that have been purchased on the used market or from companies that have claimed bankruptcy or had a business re-organization that resulted in non-payment on the original test equipment.) Expansion boxes that attach to the base tester are included in the aggregate trade-in as long as the same number of test points will be purchased in the new equipment. 

  1. The Trade-in policy allows for a "one for one" trade-in, meaning the trade-in of one old tester towards one new tester (Multiple older testers cannot be accumulated towards the purchase of a single new tester).
  2. Test equipment being traded-in must be in good/reasonable operating condition.
  3. Determine the original purchase price. (What was the original invoice amount of the tester being traded-in?)
  4. Even though an RMA number is given for the trade-in, the actual credit is "activated" when the tester (to be traded-in) is received at Cirris in reasonable condition.
  5. The customer is responsible for all freight costs (Both the return of the trade-in and shipment of the new tester).
  6. An invoice for the full amount of the new purchase is created and the trade-in "Credit" amount can then be deducted from the invoice.
  7. If multiple testers are to be traded-in, Cirris does not offer a volume purchase discount AND a trade-in "Credit" on the same transaction. Either a trade-in credit OR a volume discount is offered, not both.
  8. A trade-in credit cannot be offered when the "Installment Purchase Option" is used to finance the new test equipment.


The following tester models are obsolete and are no longer manufactured or sold by Cirris. Please contact your Cirris Representative for any documentation for the following obsolete testers.

Obsolete Testers                 

Mfg. Period        

Calibration / Repair     

Upgrade Option                                    

Signature 500   No / No 4250
Signature 1000 1984-1987 Yes / No 4200
Signature 2000M 1985-2004 Yes / No 4200 with add on box
Signature 1000M 1987-2004 Yes / No 4200
Signature 5000 1986-2001 No / No Easy-Wire™ CR
Signature 5000A 1988-2001 No / No Easy-Wire CR
Signature 5000 Keypad 1986-2001 No / No Easy-Wire CR
Signature 1000H 1988-1992 Yes / No 4250
Signature 2000H 1988-1992 Yes / No 4250 with add on box
Signature 1000R+ 1990-2007 Yes / Yes 4200
Signature SCSI 1993-1999 No / No None
SCSI Testing Adapter 1997-2007 No / No None
PT-3000 Pull Tester 2004-2007 No / No Contact Schleuniger
PT-4000 Pull Tester 2005-2007 No / No Contact Schleuniger
Signature 1000H+ 1990-2008 Yes / Limited 4250
Signature CH+ 1993-2010 Yes / No Easy-Wire CH2
Touch 1 (Split Chassis) 1996-2002 Yes / No Easy-Touch™
Touch 1 2002-2012 Yes / Limited Easy-Touch
Touch 1 ULTRA 2005-2013 No / No Contact Cirris
Signature 1000HX   Yes / Limited 4250