High voltage testing at an affordable price.

The Cirris 1100H+ is a compact cable tester able to test high voltage up to 1500VDC. With a large LCD screen and user-friendly interface, the Cirris 1100H+ has become an industry favorite. 



 Assured Quality

  • Up to 1024 points with add-on boxes (128 pts/box)
  • Low-voltage continuity scanning
  • Verifies the quality of solder and crimp terminations by checking for high-resistance connections.
  • LCD screen and user-friendly interface
  • 1500VDC

Ideal for Testing Requirements

  • Verifies insulation resistance up to 1000MΩ.
  • Tests assemblies with passive components
    • Resistors
    • Diodes
    • Capacitors
    • Twisted pairs
  • Tests for
    • Opens
    • Shorts
    • Miswires
  • 4-Wire “Kelvin” testing capable
  • Determines which end of the cable has a problem

Industry Favorite

  • Test programs generated by self-learning a sample assembly
  • Finds bad cables and detects latent manufacturing defects that can cause cables to malfunction in the future
  • Test programs can be stored in the tester’s non-volatile memory for later use
  • Automatically performs a low-voltage connection resistance test and a high-voltage (hipot) I.R./dielectric breakdown test
  • The most popular high-voltage benchtop wiring analyzer in the industry

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